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Best Rate services

  • Lowest rates & best service = great savings & smiles!!!

At Best Rate Services, you can expect the best. You deserve the lowest possible rates no matter how you accept customer credit and debit cards and we make sure you get them. If you have a POS system, a wireless terminal, a desktop terminal connected via internet, phone line or both, a phone swiper, virtual online terminal, etc.. we can help you save and provide the best service. Don't pay more than you have to, it's your money and you work hard for it.

Even if you think you have a great rate, we offer better. We've helped owners save 20% to 65% on credit card processing each month which has been up to a house payment of savings!

We simply do a review of a recent months credit card processing statement & show you an easy to understand breakout of what you are paying now vs. what you would have paid that month if you had been with us.

Our goal is to get you as far under a Discount Rate of .15% as possible with as far under a .10 cent transaction fee as possible including American Express! Free next day funding, a Monthly Statement fee of $6.95 and there is No Processor Annual Fee. 

Most of the time current equipment can be reprogrammed and POS systems can be integrated into so you use the same equipment or system, but if your desktop terminal or phone swiper can't be used, we'll get you truly free new equipment to use as long as you process with us. 

We treat others as we want to be treated, the right way! We don't do contracts or leases, just provide amazing savings and service! 

Call us anytime or simply fax or email a recent credit card processing statement to us at Fax: 936-756-2959 or Email: BESTRATESERVICES@MAIL.COM and within two business days, we'll show you exactly how much we can save you with details of all your charges now vs. ours and go over all the features you want or need for your business.